Studies show that mindfulness skills are effective in managing stress and improving focus and productivity. In my workshops you will be introduced to practical strategies you can use right away to manage stress by using mindfulness skills. You will participate in interactive exercises focused on mindful communication and grounding techniques to help you calm down from difficult emotions.

Workshops cover mindfulness based cognitive behavioral techniques that can assist in promoting compassion satisfaction, which is the antidote for burnout.  You will leave with practical tips and additional resources for practicing self-care to stop stressing and start flourishing. 

Workshops I have facilitated include:

  • Teachers and faculty for professional development day: mindfulness in the classroom to reduce stress and improve wellbeing
  • Students in graduate school to reduce stress
  • Children and families to promote connection
  • Healthcare professionals on preventing burnout
  • Social work interns on promoting compassion satisfaction
  • Individuals and groups on using mindfulness to stop stressing and start flourishing!
Workshops include:
– Practical stress management tools you can start using right away
– Help with developing your own or your team’s self-care action plan 
– Access to my private Facebook discussion group for ongoing community
support and resource sharing

Workshops can be tailored to your specific or organization’s needs. Contact me at sofias.sanctuary (at) or by cell: 713-817-3523 for a free consultation to discuss your needs.