A moment of peace is always available *Photo by Sofia Reddy

Why should you care about self-care?

Self-care begins with you.

Self-care strategy #:

One: create a sacred space

Two: balance time with self vs. time with others

Three: banish the blues with FUELL

Four: permission to take care of ourselves

Five: soothe the senses

Six: take a lunch break – a real one

Seven: do the opposite of your negative feeling

Eight: breathe a sigh of relief (ahhhhhhhhhhhh)

Nine: say no with confidence

Ten: take a nap

Eleven: take an emotional baggage inventory

Twelve: mind your mindfulness

Thirteen: believe that good things are waiting for you

Fourteen: be direct about your thoughts and feelings

Fifteen: notice who inspires you…

Sixteen: create a 60-second sanctuary

Seventeen: set your expectation meter to reasonable

Eighteen: take a break from worry & stress

Nineteen: choosing to feel grateful

Twenty: don’t be duped by deceivers. Reclaim your power!

Twenty One: managing moods by eliminating time wasters and doing what really matters!

Twenty Two: letting go of a painful past through self-forgiveness

Twenty Three: 3 tips to create a sanctuary from the work week







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