Mom Self-Care Online Support Groups 4/27 & 5/11

My name is Sofia Reddy and I have been a working mom for the last 10 years and a clinical social worker since 2004. I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them manage stress and overwhelm in their lives.

However, being a mom has been the most humbling experience for me and one of the toughest jobs I ever had. In 2011 I started practicing meditation and mindfulness and teaching it to my clients with positive results. I then started practicing mindfulness at home and noticed how it helped me and my kids calm down and enjoy each other’s company more. I want to share what I have learned in my practice with other moms.

Join me for an online Mom self-care break as I share practical strategies you can use right away to manage stress by using mindfulness skills for yourself and with your children.

Studies show that mindfulness practice is effective in managing stress and improving wellbeing. You will participate in interactive exercises focused on mindful communication and grounding techniques to help both yourself and your kids calm down from difficult emotions.

Topics include:

Mindful body scan to let tension go
Breathing techniques to calm your nervous system (and your kids’)
Visualization exercises that promote peace and tranquility
Mindful activities to help you stress less and connect more with your family

You will leave with practical tips and additional resources for practicing self-care to stop stressing and start flourishing!

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