Are you listening?

Inspired by the Service Provider Retreat hosted by The Coming Home Project
April 2011, The Mercy Center, Burlingame, CA

Life is happening. We need to pay attention

This weekend I met my brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, mothers and fathers, and I heard their wisdom.

I felt their love and tasted the sweetness of true connection.

I heard the howl of the wind this morning, and the whispering song of the birds, exclaiming “Life is now! It is happening. Pay close attention.”

You are home.

We have only these moments.

We bear a past filled with both suffering and joy but we have a powerful presence to also experience.

It’s in this presence that I feel truly connected.

It’s in this presence I choose to live, in which I create new memories to take with me into the future.

It is this moment to which I belong and it is this moment I feel whole again.

I learn to let go, one mindful action at a time, and I savor every morsel of every moment that brings me peace and in which I feel loved and accepted and in which I belong.

I belong to this earth and it belongs to me.

I am strong like the oak tree and can offer shade and comfort, but I also take in the glorious sunshine that is all around me and soak in the rain that sustains me.

I stand firm in the solid ground that nourishes me so that I may remain resilient for those who need a place of respite, including myself.

I see that I am not alone.

I have other resilient oaks who came before me and who stand next to me, offering their strength and endurance and their wisdom and love.

I belong here.

I feel at peace and, I too, want to sing to the world:

“Are you listening? Life is happening. Pay close attention”.

-Sofia P. Reddy


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