Self care strategy #16: Create a 60 second sanctuary

We are always surrounded by beauty 

Despite how busy our day may be we can take 60 seconds to hit the mental “reset” button. I often find myself moving through the day on auto pilot. There have been days I’ve skipped breakfast or have not eaten a full meal until late in the day. It is on such days I notice a migraine headache come on. As those of you who experience migraines know, once it starts it’s hard to stop. I realized that skipping meals and not taking breaks left me feeling worn out, irritable and prone to illness.
So now I take 60 seconds a day to notice when I go into automatic pilot and I stop. I get up from my chair, take in a deep breath, slowly exhale, stretch my arms, and look out the window. I’ve been in my office for over three years and just recently noticed the beautiful view outside. I ┬ásee hawks fly by and notice the panoramic view of lush green tree tops across the way. investing this one moment to be present and aware of my surroundings gives me the energy I need to continue with my day. Invest 60 seconds to create a place of peace. What is your 60 second sanctuary?

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