The Mindful Teacher: How mindful practice can help you and your students stop stressing and start flourishing!

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Studies show that mindfulness skills are effective in managing stress and improving focus and productivity. More schools and businesses are now implementing mindfulness in their settings with positive results.

In my mindfulness workshops you will be introduced to practical mindful self-care strategies you can use right away to manage workplace stress for yourself and with your colleagues and students.

Mindfulness skills can assist you in promoting compassion satisfaction, which is the antidote for burnout. You will leave with practical tips to stop stressing and start flourishing.

Below are several mindful resources you can use personally or within your classroom. I have also used these resources with my children at home and have noticed the benefits that mindfulness can bring to my relationships. When I’m present and focused in the moment my patience and energy levels increase and my children respond better. If you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you!

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